About The Publisher: John Tolson & Mackenzie (Tolson) Erickson

Father-Daughter Duo! Helping at the Simi Valley Street Fair and Celebrating Fathers Day (Check out that tie!). Professional Head Shots of Mackenzie and John. Photo of Mackenzie and John driving a golf cart at Simi Valley Street Fair, and photo of John and Mackenzie sitting together - John is wearing a homemade Fathers Day tie that Mackenzie decorated as a child.

Hi there! We are John Tolson and Mackenzie (Tolson) Erickson – a fantastic father-daughter duo – and the enthusiastic publishers of Macaroni Kid Simi Valley ~ Moorpark!

What brings us to Macaroni Kid you may ask… We are all about family. And, we love this incredible community. As the publishers of Macaroni Kid Simi Valley ~ Moorpark, we will be able to unite those passions by being a resource for the amazing families in our community.

We are both life-long members of Simi Valley (though my dad has quite a few more years here than I do 😉), and we plan to keep it that way. We would love to share our knowledge, as well as discover new treasures, that provide wholesome, fun activities that your family can enjoy along with our family! We look forward to being your go-to community resource for finding family fun!