Macaroni Kid Reads - Thanksgiving Picture Books We Love

Celebrate Thanksgiving Week With Holiday Picture Books

By Macaroni Kid Former Publisher Michelle Melnick November 23, 2020

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it is a great time to buy Thanksgiving picture books, but with so many to choose from, it can sometimes be a difficult choice.  Here is a list of some Thanksgiving picture books that my daughter and I enjoy. 

Thanks for Thanksgiving, written by Julie Markes is a wonderful book for your preschooler because it is a simple story with beautiful illustrations.  It’s a book that helps young children understand Thanksgiving, not in the Pilgrim and American Indian way, which may not be age appropriate for preschoolers, but in a way that gets children talking about what they are thankful for.

Five Silly Turkeys, written by Salina Yoon is a cute counting board book with shiny turkey “feathers” that children can use to turn the pages.  It is written in rhyme making it a great story to turn into a song.

The Night Before Thanksgiving (Reading Railroad Books), written by Natasha Wing is a story about a traditional Thanksgiving before, during, and after.  It’s a story that can help children relate to the Thanksgiving preparations, and they will love the fun illustrations and rhyming text.

Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks, written by Margaret Sutherland is another great book that teaches children about being thankful.  It discusses simple things to be thankful for, things that young children can relate to.  The illustrations are fun and colorful.

Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit!, written by Alyssa Capucilli brings the beloved character “Biscuit” to life in this fun Thanksgiving story where Biscuit is taught about sharing and being good to others.

Reading some of these stories will help your child understand the meaning of Thanksgiving, 

and how important it is to be thankful for family, friends, and books.