June 2-8 - 10 Things to Do this Week in Simi Valley & Moorpark

There are lots of fun happening in Simi Valley & Moorpark the week of June 2-8

June 1, 2021

Every Wednesday, Macaroni Kid Simi Valley - Moorpark shares ten things to do with your kids in Simi Valley & Moorpark over the coming week. 

Here is Macaroni Kid Simi Valley - Moorpark's picks for ten things to do with kids June 2-8, 2021. Click on the links for all the details!

1. Celebrate the end of School

Whether your child will be getting a graduation gift or is simply advancing to the next grade - we all need to celebrate this year

2. Simi Farmers Market 

Stop by Simi Valley’s Certified Farmers Market for some fresh produce and high-quality, hand-made crafts. June 4

3. Celebrate National Donut Day

Go get a donut from your favorite donut shop, or try making your own with this two ingredient recipe! June 4

4. Serve Simi Day

Start your day with some service! Sign up for one of these great projects! June 5

5. Aloha Marketplace

Shop local vendors at this Simi Valley pop-up market. June 5

6. Parade for Mr. Shuster's Retirement

If you, or anyone in your family did music at Valley View Middle School in the past 40 years, you know Mr. Schuster! Submit a video to say thanks or join the thank you parade! June 5

7. Moorpark Concerts in the Park

Get your tickets in advance! Only $5 per family (of 6). This month is an Elvis Tribute band. June 5

8. Visit Braden's Box

Pick out a book to read and trade rocks in the rock garden for a fun outing in Simi Valley.

9. Party Pack Pick Up

Go this week and get your party packet for the Summer Zoom Party with Simi Valley Public Library! Party is on Saturday, June 12.

10. Craft of the Week: Cereal Box Book Marks

Make a bookmark out of cereal boxes so you always know which page you are on.


11. Skip the cooking one night this week 

Check out the Simi Valley Restaurant of the Week or try one of these Moorpark eateries.

Check out the links below for even more fun!