Pre-Holiday Declutter List

You'll Thank Yourself Later!

November 16, 2022

The holidays is a time of joy and excitement with family and friends! However, at times, it can feel a bit chaotic - especially if you feel like the walls are closing in around you because of all the decorations and clutter. Save yourself some stress by doing a little bit of pre-holiday de-junking before the season really takes off. Just spend an hour and clear out some things you seriously don't need!

Living Spaces

Old newspapers
Unwanted DVDs
Scratched and unwanted CDs
Blurry photos
Junk mail
Recorded TV shows
Old appliance manuals
Old magazine
Unused apps
Books you have never read
Books you won’t read again

Everything Drawer

Excessive keys
Old phone chargers
Corroded batteries
Excessive scissors
Excessive rubber bands
Broken staplers


Spare buttons
Unflattering clothes
Bedding that lost its elastic or has holes
Gloves missing their partner
Socks with holes
Shoes that hurt or cause blisters
Misshapen clothes
Tights with ladders
Old hats
Anything that has lost its elastic
Shrunken clothes


Games with pieces missing
Puzzles with missing pieces
Broken toys
Toys no longer played with
Outgrown costumes
Forgotten art projects
Dried out markers or markers without caps
Broken crayons
Tiny chalk pieces


Out of date food
Unused kitchen gadgets
Old sauces
Spices you won’t use again
Unused cookbooks
Appliances that are broken
Freezer food past its prime
Herbs you can’t remember the last time you used
Un-liked food
Plastic containers with cracks
Containers missing lids
Extra pots, pans, and baking sheets
Forks with missing or bent prongs
Broken spatulas, tongs, and knives
Excessive whisks, sifters, and utensils
Mystery food


Out of date medicines
Old glasses
Rusted or tangled jewelry
Excessive hangers
Gloopy lotion
Makeup past its prime
Brushes that scratch
Hair products no longer used
Old poofs and loofahs
Empty brushes
Towel with holes
Old Hair ties/bows
Moldy bath mats


Dead plants/flowers
Broken garden ornaments
Extra rakes, shovels, and brooms
Broken or extra plant pots
Deflated balls
Clogged bubble machines
Broken sports equipment
Expired chemicals
Dried out paint cans
Unwanted holiday decor
Old car seat parts
Empty boxes
Random nuts, bolts, and screws
Broken flashlights