Guide: Let's Get Crafting!

Get Your Craft Ideas Flowing!

May 6, 2021

Are you a crafty person but lacking inspiration? Check out these step-by-step craft ideas as well as resources to discover new crafts that you can do in Simi Valley and Moorpark.

Macaroni Kid Simi Valley ~ Moorpark Crafts!

We frequently post articles about great crafts to try out. Check this list regularly for all the latest crafts.

Publisher Picks

Make-Your-Own Board Game

DIY Essential Oil Bubbles & Bubble Wand

Fathers Day - Dad Rocks Craft (Celebrate anyone! ... Not just on Father's Day.)

Year-Round Crafts

10 Paper Engineering Projects

Recycled Magazine Butterflies

Recycled Bird Feeders

Paper Plate Sun Catchers

5 Projects for Kids

Recycled Cereal Box Book Marks

Puzzle Piece Frames

Indoor "Camp out"

Ice Cream Painting

Salt Dough Magnets

Up-cycle Your Crayons into Fun Shapes

Handmade "Roses"

Finger Knitting

Felt Flower Baskets

Letter Recognition for Toddlers

Holiday & Themed Crafts

Homemade New Year's Eve Poppers

Valentine Garden Stakes

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Mother's Day Recycled Magazine Butterflies

Memorial Day Candle Holders

Patriotic Placemats

Fathers Day - Dad Rocks Craft

Fourth of July Centerpieces

3 Fourth of July Crafts

Summer Flip Flop Wreath

Autumn Leaf Crafts

Pinecone Flowers

Decoupaged Pumpkins

6 Halloween Crafts

3 Thanksgiving Crafts / Traditions

More Resources!

Check out these other great resources to explore more crafts.

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Crayola DIY Crafts

Crafts for Kids YouTube Channel

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Happy Crafting! We hope you enjoy doing these projects and that they spark your imagination for new ideas!

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