Have a Blast at Underwood Family Farms

Time flies when you're having fun!

May 6, 2021

A few weeks ago, our family found ourselves looking to fill the day. We wanted something fun to do in the local Simi Valley or Moorpark area and decided to go to Underwood Farms in Moorpark. We are so glad we did - it was a fantastic time! Check out our favorite attractions, some of the other fun activities you can do while you are there, and some helpful tips to help you plan your next trip to Underwood Family Farms.

Highlights for our Family:


If you ask my niece, she would say the goats were her favorite. We loved watching the (hilarious) goats as they climbed over each other to walk up the incredible ramp structures that Underwood Family Farms has built. The ramps go up into the trees and cross over the walkway into different enclosures... we walked underneath the crossing goats! We thought it was pretty cool to see these brave goats who are clearly not afraid of heights.


The slides were a crowd favorite for all the kids. They loved that they could climb up onto a gigantic tractor-plow and then slide down. Mind you, this is no regular slide - the novelty factor was HUGE for these kids. It was so fun to watch them slide down over and over!

Tractor Ride

As soon as our family climbed up into the wagon-trailer behind a big tractor, I knew we were going to enjoy this part of our trip! We were high enough off the ground to see over the fields and off into distant parts of Underwood Family Farm. Wow! I didn't realize quite how big it is until we started driving around and the farm kept going and going. We loved seeing the different types of plants and getting a bird's-eye-view of the attractions. Also, there is something rather exciting about riding behind a tractor - we all enjoyed it!

Haystack Pyramids

When our group saw the haystack pyramids, I thought, "How great - a nice place to sit down for a picnic lunch." Simultaneously, I heard one of the kids exclaim, "Woah! Let's climb to the top of that!". They then promptly rushed to the top of it to see who could be the tallest (and to be fair, all of them were taller than me, because I kept my feet planted firmly on solid ground).

Fruit & Vegetable Picking

The day we went, our family was hoping to pick strawberries, but unfortunately they were not available. Instead, we enjoyed walking through the beautiful fields, and picking carrots and snap peas. We had a great time searching for the prefect snap pea. The kids were perfectly content to spend a good 40 minutes going from plant to plant finding cluster after cluster of fantastic looking snap peas. When we got home, we were pleased to find out they tasted even better! The carrots were fun to pick as well. The kids loved pulling up little plants from the dirt and discovering tasty carrots at the bottom.

Even More Activities:

Underwood Family Farms has a great setup... they have various attractions that appeal to kids of all ages. Some of their other activities include: swings, a petting zoo area, gem/fossil mining, a tricycle trail, the labyrinth "maze",  wagons for pulling kids / bags / etc., and a farmer's market (where you can buy farm fresh produce).

Some Things to Know Before You Go:

Admission Tickets - Children under 2 are free and everyone else needs a ticket. Tickets are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. Check here for the current seasonal prices.

Free Activities - Included in your admission, you can do lots of activities for free. You can: look at all the animals, slide down the tractor slides, run / crawl through the hill tunnels, ride the tractor wagon, ride the tricycles, see the bee barn, run through a labyrinth "maze", and more!

Attraction Tickets - If you want to participate in certain activities (like the petting zoo, electric train, duck feeding, gem/fossil mining, and a few others), you will need to purchase "ride" tickets. Each of the paid activities is assigned a number of "tickets" that it takes to participate so some of these activities end up being between $1-$11 to do. (Most are generally around $4 or $5.) 

Produce Picking - You can pick your own produce at this farm and then simply pay per pound when you leave. Only certain produce are available to pick at any given time depending on the season. Also, on some days throughout the picking season, some items are not available. (For us, they had a sign posted at the entrance gate to say that strawberries were not available for picking that day.) Check here for what is in season and available to pick.

Address - 3370 Sunset Valley Road, Moorpark, CA

Website -

Our family loved visiting Underwood Family Farms and we are looking forward to going back again soon.

All-in-all, we loved our time at Underwood Family Farms and would highly recommend taking a trip!

A special thank you to Holly Castillo Photography for sharing some amazing photos from her family's recent trip to Underwood Family Farms. If you want to read about the fun time she had, check out her blog post here.

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