Beat the Heat!

95 Activities to keep the kids cool and entertained

By Mackenzie Erickson, Editor & Co-Publisher of Macaroni Kid Simi Valley - Moorpark June 16, 2021

Summer is heating up in Simi Valley and Moorpark! But don't worry - Macaroni Kid Simi Valley - Moorpark has got you covered... Check out this list of 95 fun, cool, and creative things to do to beat the heat!


Free / Low Cost:

  1. Rancho Tapo Community Park Splash Pad
  2. Rancho Simi Community Pool
  3. Simi Valley Public Library
  4. Moorpark City Library
  5. Go to a Duck Park
  6. Oak Park Community Park - Splash Pad
  7. Go to the Beach
  8. Visit a "little library" around town like Braden's Box
  9. Go to the 5 dollar or less book store
  10. Go to the .99 cents store and pick out one toy, or game, or coloring book


  1. Play at ImaGYMnation
  2. Go Bowling at Harley Simi or Harley Valley Bowl
  3. Go to Studio Movie Grill (Summer Series Films - $6 Monday - Friday for movie, popcorn and small drink)
  4. Go to Regal Movie Theater ($1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for "First Movie of the Day")
  5. Ice Skating at Simi Valley Iceoplex (Tuesday Night is CheapSkate night)
  6. Pottery Painting at As You Wish Pottery in Simi Valley
  7. Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum
  8. Play at Rockin' Kids Simi Valley - Indoor playground

At Home

Outdoor Activities:

  1. Water Balloon Pinata: Fill a water balloon (or a full-sized balloon) with water and tie it up like a pinata. Kids can swing at it and when it breaks, everyone cools off!
  2. Make an Obstacle Course
  3. Do Dry Ice Science Experiments
  4. Ice Block Extraction - Freeze a toy (think hard plastic like a Lego man) in a large bowl or pan full of water. Once frozen, have your kids work on chipping away at the ice to set the toy free.
  5. Water Balloon Baseball
  6. Water "painting" - teach your kids about evaporation while they "paint" the sidewalk with water
  7. Make a Coke & Mentos rocket
  8. Wash the car
  9. Run through the sprinklers
  10. Elsa's Hands from Disney's Frozen - Fill rubber gloves with water and freeze. Take outside and watch it melt. Bonus - Put colorful beads, buttons, or stickers in water before freezing it.
  11. Have a water fight
  12. Water balloon Dart Board
  13. Pool Noodle Water Wall - Tape pool noodles to a board or a wall in an vertical, intertwined fashion. Put funnels in the tops of them and cups at the bottom of each and have kids fill the cups in a specific order (they need to figure out which noodle leads to which cup.

Indoor Activity-Based:

  1. Library's Weekly Craft: Craft packs available for pick up from the two local libraries - Simi Valley Public Library and Moorpark City Library
  2. Indoor Treasure Hunt: Depending on the age of your little ones, use your judgment on what you’re hunting for. Whether it’s scouring for coloring books and crayons or something more elaborate for older kids, leave various clues around the house that will keep them on their toes and intrigued.
  3. Board Games: Games are perfect for when you’re cooped up indoors. Board games, charades, duck duck goose – figure out what will keep everyone entertained for a good while, and get silly!
  4. Have a puppet show
  5. Take "Funny-Face" Pictures
  6. Living Room Drive-In: Create your own in your living room by helping your kids build a fort with seating, snacks and drinks and sit down for a screening of your favorite flick.
  7. Celebrate the Sunset: The sun setting for the night means the worst of the day’s heat is over. Spend a few minutes outside and let your kids run around and get some extra energy out.
  8. Make Colorful Rainbow rice and Skittle Magic
  9. Play Dress Up
  10. Throwback Chill-Out: Use the time inside to go through old photo albums, digital camera archives and other pieces of nostalgia you have on hand. It doesn’t have to be limited to pics of your kids – show them what you looked like when you were a kid, or even their grandparents. It’ll open their eyes to a different world, lead to lots of questions and, best of all, pass the time in the comfort of your AC-cooled home. You could even plot about how to recreate some old photos from the past with your kids.
  11. Write and illustrate a picture book
  12. Balloon Bopping - Hit the balloon back and forth and don't let it touch the ground
  13. Play with Water Beads / "Orbeez"
  14. Get Crafting - Lots of options to choose from in our Craft Guide
  15. Finger Paint or make handprints
  16. Bring Dinosaurs to life - All you need is your phone!
  17. Watch a snowy winter / Christmas movie - it will help you feel cooler by watching it.
  18. STEM paper activities
  19. Have a creative conversation with these 31 prompts
  20. Make Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs (or put army men or other toys in them)
  21. Meditate
  22. Have an indoor camp out
  23. Make and Mail Greeting Cards
  24. "Spa" Day - Pretend you are all going to get a spa treatment. Play soothing music and put cool cucumbers on everyone's eyes.
  25. Dice Rolling Drawing Game
  26. Shaving Cream Drawing in a bin
  27. Have a Freeze-Dance Pillow Fight - Make sure you have pauses so no one gets carried away.
  28. Make a newspaper basket
  29. Brainstorm songs that would make an "Ultimate Dance Party" playlist
  30. Rock Painting - Make a pet rock or decorate one to leave at a park
  31. Hide toys in a rice bin
  32. Write a poem or a song
  33. Practice Shadow Puppets - Turn the lights off, and make the house as dark as possible so your flashlight works better. Bonus: This will help keep the house cool, too!
  34. Make Playdough
  35. Make Moon dough
  36. Color and Draw
  37. Make your own Board Game
  38. Build a fort
  39. Draw cartoons
  40. Make a Soda Bottle Vortex
  41. Custom Race Track Course - Use painters tape on your family room floor to create a custom race track.
  42. Learn a new song
  43. Bathtub Swimming - Put on the swimsuits and play in the tub to cool down.
  44. Video Call long-distance relatives
  45. Feelie Bag Game - Put a familiar object in a bag and using hand only (and without peeking) have your kids guess what is in the bag.
  46. Make homemade instruments
  47. Paper Airplane Contest
  48. Have a Nerf Gun Fight
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Indoor Food-Related:

  1. Carve a watermelon into a shark
  2. Have an indoor picnic
  3. Make ice cream in 15 minutes
  4. Have a tea party
  5. Frozen Hot Coco Ice Cream
  6. Make Jello
  7. Watermelon Granita
  8. Make Frozen Popsicles
  9. Cool Berry - American Flag "Cake"
  10. Frozen Yogurt Bites
  11. Make a smoothie
  12. Try Edible Cookie Dough

General Tips to Stay Cool

  1. Wear loose, lightweight and light color clothes
  2. Cool pulse points (wrists and temples) with splashes of water or cold washcloths
  3. Put an icepack in your pillowcase to keep your head cool so you can sleep
  4. Graze instead of eating heavy meals
  5. Drink plenty of water! Here are 9 tips on how to stay hydrated.

Check out the links below for even more fun!